Well, hello there! My name is Meghan, and I'm just so delighted you stopped by. Pull up a seat, make yourself at home - I'm a wordy one - and I'll tell you everything you need to know about this little lettering business of mine...

I've never understood why people say that a picture is worth a thousand words (and I'd strongly advise against it in my presence), because really, it's not pictures, but words that make my world turn.

Conversation snippets, silly sayings, words that are spelled pretty, words that sound funny, words that get stuck in my head, words my head makes up when I can't find the ones I want, single words, groups of words, pages of words, words from books or songs or poems or people that make me feel or laugh or hurt or remember -- even that one thing you forgot you said to me ages ago that really meant something.... this is what this is all about. My life is built around these words. I collect them, I carry them with me, and I believe they get at something deeper than a picture could ever reach.  

But I get it: humans are visual creatures, myself included. Through the practice of calligraphy and lettering, I've finally found a way to turn that odd collection of sounds into a visible expression of the meaning and weight behind them. 

Five super important things you absolutely must know about me: 

1. I have a darling little (big) orange cat who shamelessly occupies the center of my universe. His name is McNuggets, and his favorite activities include general mischief-making and playing piano with me, successfully making all my childhood Aristocats dreams come true. 

2. I'm all about tacos. I eat at Moe's once a week. Sometimes twice. All right, once it was three times, but that was a really long week for me, okay? 

3. Watch your articles. I believe your a's, and's and the's can be the most important words in your sentence.

4. I have a deep and abiding and not at all embarrassing love for the musical force that is Ice Cube.      Steady Mobbin' for life.

5. I don't believe in synonyms. And I'll happily tell you why over a round of tacos. 

This is me: the letter-lover behind this whole operation. Born & raised in the great white north (Minnesota), I'm so very happy to currently live under the sunny, Tar Heel blue skies of North Carolina, where the tea is sweet and the ground is (usually) snow-free. At any given moment, I'm carrying at least two different writing utensils. My impeccable talent for staining things means that I buy OxyClean by the gallon, and that there's probably ink hiding somewhere on my hands, hair and/or clothes. I really, really like ampersands, but really hate Oxford commas - even when they're necessary. Personally, I think capital letters are a little unfair to the rest of the just-as-important letters, and I daily thank the once-benevolent school district gods for allowing me to turn seven in a time when second-grade cursive lessons were still a requirement - not a suggestion.

Have a word you can't get out of your head or a quote you cling to? Strong opinions on Ice Cube's later discography? A discount on OxyClean? Whatever it is, head on over to my contact page and let's find a time to chat! I'm serious about this taco thing.

xoxo, Meghan